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Lexus LC500 review 11 mos ago

Vehicle makers are continually inventing new kinds of vehicle but there’s one model that continues to be a continuing: the 2-plus-two luxury GT coupe, by having an engine right in front and drive delivered to the rear. For many years, it has been the stylish vehicle selected by individuals with impeccable taste even individuals that abandon the sphere eventually go back to it.

Image Text Ferrari, Porsche and BMW have the ability to classic types of such cars either in their back catalogue or their current model range. And today, another luxury brand is joining the fray: Lexus, whose ambition is clearly evidenced by precisely what a bit of engineering the brand new LC is.

This really is, essentially, an idea vehicle that's been put in production. We first first viewed it this year, if this was known as LF-LC now it’s just LC, but very little else has altered, and all sorts of crowd-pulling allure continues to be greatly in evidence.

There’s more underneath the surface - an exciting-new platform that Lexus may also use within its new LS luxury vehicle. Produced from steel, aluminium and carbonfibre-reinforced plastic, it’s a technological masterpiece that may be coupled with a 3.5-litre gas-electric hybrid engine, or an even more becoming 5.-litre V8 creating a tasty 471bhp.

It is really an incredible engine. It’s little lacking feral between 4500rpm and it is 7100rpm redline, making an incredible noise that's pure drama. Actually, it must be revved such as this, as it’s conspicuously short on torque and it is two-tonne kerbweight can also be hardly bantamweight. A rather stress -62mph duration of 4.4 seconds is one thing you need to show real dedication to achieve on the highway, it appears as though the ten-speed automatic is continually downshifting to be able to release power.

This chips away at its effortlessness, and it is sporting wholesomeness also requires a hit because of our test car’s active steering, which was problematic mainly due to its lack of precision. Stating that, despite being just too large and wide, it’s still an interesting vehicle they are driving, whether or not the ride isn’t as cosseting as we’d possibly like.

Image Text The inside is brilliant, though. From the low-thrown driving position, you survey a superbly complex illustration of dashboard sculpture, a quite outstanding task of engineering which includes such treats like a dual-TFT instrument pack with stacked dials much like individuals around the LFA supercar. It didn’t need to be this complex and, presumably, costly to create, but Lexus made it happen the same.

It isn't perfect, mind. Rear space is hardly GT-like for comfort. The Lexus touchpad infotainment product is also as substandard here because it is in other models. Lexus hopes the cabin’s supreme isolation and surreal amounts of quality are sufficient to consider the mind off it.

It is really an imperfect vehicle, but nonetheless an uplifting one. It isn't just like a GT vehicle as we’d like, also it doesn’t take lengthy because of its flaws to emerge. You’re still best having a Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. However, many won't care one iota, whenever a machine looks just like this and it is as enjoyable they are driving in. In that way, it’s task finished for Lexus, even when it so clearly may also fare better.

Lexus LC500 spec and price

On purchase now

Cost £85,895

Engine V8, 4969cc, normally aspirated gas

Power 471bhp at 7100rpm

Torque 398lb foot at 4800rpm

Gear box 10-spd automatic

Kerb weight 1935kg

-62mph 4.4sec

Top speed 168mph

Economy 24.4mpg

CO2/tax band 267g/km, 37%